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 Getting Started with WagaMart


WagaMart is designed to be simple to use, and most of the time common sense decisions will get you what you want. However to make your experience more effective, walk through the following notes.

1. Create an Account

To create an account use the "Register for Free" link on home page, and enter your valid email address and name. After that an email will be sent to the address you provided, login to you email inbox and follow the link provided by the email from WagaMart to validate your account. That's all, you are officially registered in WagaMart, and you can start marketing.

2. Set up your account

The link provided in the validation email will take you to WagaMart and you will be automatically logged in. Alternatively, you can also browse to and Login anytime.

Either way, once you are logged in go to the "My Account" link which is at the top of the page, select "Account Details" and from there fill in your contact addresses and save it.

Whenever customers visit your advertisements in WagaMart they will be provided with your telephone number and a form to directly send you an email. To protect you from spammers WagaMart does not show your email address to the public, it just provides a means by which an email can be sent to you. However most customers prefer telephone communication to writing emails, so it is highly recommended that you provide telephone numbers.

Once you have filled your contact details, you don't need to put your contact addresses when posting advertisements. And you can return change the details anytime.

3. Post Advertisements

Posing items is really easy in WagaMart. Use the "Advertise here" button in home page, or any other "Create Ad" link that you will find elsewhere when you are logged in. Then provide the item details along with good clear images, images really help in attracting customers so use the best ones you can provide. Once you did that click "Publish" and that's all your Advertisement is out for public, and expect emails and telephone calls from your customers. You can return and modify your advertisements any time in future.

That's all you need to know to use WagaMart and drive yourself to success.

We wish you a Successful Marketing!

The WagaMart Team